MEMO2: MEthane goes MObile – MEsurements and MOdelling


Join us at the NCGG 8 in Amsterdam!

We are presenting MEMO2 and the results of our first two years in several orals and posters. Below you will find an overview of those where our ESRs or project partners are contributing. Besides this, several of our PIs are presenting related work.


NCGG 8 – oral presentations directly related to MEMO2

MEMO2 – MEthane goes MObile – MEasurements and Modelling – Walter, Sylvia (Uni Utrecht)

Quantifying localized methane source emissions from mobile sensors using an obstacle-resolving Lagrangian dispersion model – Morales, Randulph Paulo (EMPA)

Mobile measurement of methane in Ile de France region – source mapping, isotopic composition & emission estimation – Defratyka, Sara (LSCE / IPSL)

Methane/ethane used to split fossil and non-fossil methane emissions – Dinther, Danielle van (TNO)

Monitoring methane emission and 13CH4 source signatures of anthropogenic sources in Southwest Germany – Korben, Piotr (Uni Heidelberg)

Atmospheric monitoring of methane emissions at the European scale – Szenasi, Barbara (LSCE)

Offshore gas & methane emission measurements at the North SeaMaazallahi, H. (UU) / Ilona Velzeboer (TNO)

A high-precision mid-IR methane laser spectrometer for UAVs – Emmenegger, Lukas (EMPA)

Isotopic signatures of urban methane emissions in London, UK – Fernandez, Julianne M. (RHUL Uni London)

NCGG 8 – poster presentations directly related to MEMO2

High Precision Isotope Measurements to Characterize Waste Sources of Atmospheric MethaneBakkaloglu, Semra (RHUL Uni London)

Methane, Ethane and Nitrous oxide transect mapping using mobile measurementsDinther, Danielle van (TNO) 

Mobile in-situ measurements of methane mixing ratio over Upper Silesian Coal BasinStanislavljevic, Mila (AGH Uni Kraków) 

Subject related oral/poster presentations by either project partners or joint campaign participants

Methane emission verification for the Upper Silesia coal basin in Poland using earth observation data – Denier van der Gon, Hugo A.C. (TNO)

The global methane budget 2000-2017: what have we learnt about the last 10 years of increasing methane?Saunois, Marielle (LSCE-CEA)

CH4 lidar measurements during the CoMet 2018 airborne field campaign – Fix, Andreas (DLR)

How uncertain are the estimates of methane release from Polish coal and gas excavations? First results of JSUN-CH4 project Necki, Jarek (AGH Uni Kraków)

Long term CH4 and N2O data at the Dutch Cabauw towerFrumau, Arnoud (TNO)

CH4 variability and emissions in the Middle East during AQABAParis, Jean-Daniel (LSCE-CEA)

Airborne in-situ observations during the CoMet campaign 2018: Quantification of CH4 emissions from coal mining activities in Upper Silesia, Poland – Roiger, Anke (DLR)

Toward a policy-relevant characterization of methane emissions from global oil and gas infrastructureZavala-Araiza, Daniel (EDF)

Airborne mapping of methane sources and their mass emission rates within the Barnett Shale – Hirst, Bill (Shell)

Portable FTIR spectrometry during CoMeT: Quantifying methane emissions and validating airborne and spaceborne measurementsLuther, Andreas (DLR)