MEMO2: MEthane goes MObile – MEsurements and MOdelling


Urban methane emissions from bird’s eye view

Join us at a virtual flight to discover how methane emissions are distributed over two selected European cities!

Within MEMO2 we measured urban methane (CH4) emissions in several cities, e.g. London, Paris, Krakow, Heidelberg, Utrecht, Bucharest, and Hamburg. These activities have been extended in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The video shows measurements aiming to quantify and attribute methane emission sources across two of these cities, Utrecht, NL, and Hamburg, DE.

Urban methane emissions can originate from a variety of sources, e.g. in-complete combustion, gas pipelines leaks, sewer system, facilities, etc. These sources not only contribute to climate change at a global scale – CHis a much potenter greenhouse gas then CO– but can also form a safety risk in urban areas.

Quantifying and characterising methane emission from different sources are demanding and require extensive measurements and detailed analysis. There are enormous numbers of methane emission sources across urban areas, so quantification and characterisation of these sources requires deep analysis of several datasets.

Enjoy your flight!